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ATEX and UKCA certified pneumatic industrial explosion proof vacuums.

Spillrite manufactures a wide variety of pneumatic industrial vacuum cleaners in the United Kingdom. Our vacuums can be used in most applications and require compressed air to operate including in applications that require anti-static vacuums that dissipate any build up of static electricity.

  • Intrinsically safe compressed air vacuums

  • Anti-static explosion proof vacuums

  • 4 times the power of electric vacuums

  • 5 metre water lift

  • Suitable for dangerous and hazardous environments

  • HEPA filters for exhaust discharge available

Industrial pneumatic air operated vacuums can recover both wet and dry waste. Generally these high powered vacuums are used for rapid spill control in factories or large warehouses. With the new reverse filter cleaning and reverse fluid pump out models that Spillrite UK now has in stock, many applications that use dry waste like powders, dusts, plastics and abrasive blast media, the vacuums can be used for extended periods without filter changing. Depending on the waste type, Spillrite can supply a cyclonic separator to accompany most industrial pneumatic vacuum cleaners which help the vacuums run continuously without the need to clean or change the filter.

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Latest Products


Drum Pump 40 Reverse Pump Out

Sales price: £1,090.00 (VAT incl)

Drum Pump 40 Reverse Pump Out ATEX UKCA

Sales price: £1,290.00 (VAT incl)

Drum Pump 40 Vac only

Sales price: £999.00 (VAT incl)

Drum Pump 40 Vac Only ATEX/UKCA

Sales price: £1,190.00 (VAT incl)

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Spillrite UK license owned/operated by Industrial Vacuums Direct Ltd. 

Industrial Vacuums Direct Ltd manufacture and sell pneumatic industrial vacuums for all types of wet and dry waste.

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Spillrite owns and operate this website. The principles of Spillrite have been involved in the vacuum industry for over 14 years selling to large industrial, agricultural, mining, marine and offshore companies. Our range of vacuums include pneumatic, electric, PD blowers and a wide range of custom built units for many applications.


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