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The Spillrite UK 55 gallon Drum Lid Vacuum is an air powered industrial vacuum that can be used for all wet and dry applications.
The unit can be fitted with a reverse function for reverse fluid pump out or reverse filter clean. It can also be configured for low air consumption using a single venturi or a high powered version with up to three venturi’s and producing in excess of 300 cfm.

Pneumatic Drum Lid Air Vacuum

Pneumatic Drum Vacuums are very SAFE. 

  1. Pneumatic drum vacuums are powered by compressed air, they do not use electricity
  2. There are no moving parts to wear out, cause friction or create a spark
  3. Can be used in both wet and dry applications
  4. Designed and manufactured in Australia
  5. 4 times the power of electric vacuums
  6. Huge 5 metre water lift
  7. 5 year warranty

Originally designed and operated in Australia for the last 13 years this vacuum system has been extensively sold and used extensively with most of Australia’s top industrial companies for the recovery of;
• Abrasive blast media
• Dry chips and plastics
• Flammable fuels
• Combustible dusts
• Oils and coolants
• Heavy sludge
• Marine bilge
• Flour and sugars
• Grains
• Chemicals
• Powders
• Fly ash
• Coal dust
• Metal chips and warehouse debris
• Muds and slurry

The air powered head is bolted to a 55 gallon galvanised steel lid. The unit is supplied as a wet only or a wet and dry model with dry filter included.

DLV split drum lid filter parts

The galvanise steel lid when fitted to the drum and supplied with compressed air becomes a powerful wet and dry industrial vacuum.

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Industrial Vacuums Direct Ltd manufacture and sell pneumatic industrial vacuums for all types of wet and dry waste.

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